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Social Labs - Social+Conference: Marlieke Kieboom & Chris Sigaloff, Kennisland, (NL)

Workshop on Social Labs

How do we set up and run social experiments for societal challenges? Social innovation labs are the latest vehicles for systemic change – for transforming the way our welfare programs, social initiatives, and even our economic systems run. How do they run social experiments in practice? How do lab practitioners learn - from each other, from their failures and from the history of practice in our field? What kind of framework for theory, tools and methods are applied? And what kind of role does
research play?

Jesper Christiansen, Mindlab DK, Marlieke Kieboom & Chris Sigaloff, Kennisland NL (NGO) as well as Fredrik Björk from Malmô University, alle contributed in the workshop; “How do we set up and run social Experiments for societal challenges?”.

Marlieke Kieboom & Chris Sigaloff, Kennisland NL (NGO) opened the workshop on Social Labs.
Chris Sigaloff, CEO, Kennisland (NL)

Chris specialises in social innovation and works with organisational transformation, collaboration processes and internal (bottom-up) innovation. Chris leads Kennisland projects across education and the public sector. Chris‘ expertise is in the design and facilitation of programmes through which people jointly create new knowledge - knowledge about the ability to create more public value, to collaborate more effectively, and to strengthen your position as a professional. 

Chris Sigaloff, CEO Kennisland, (NGO) NL

Marlieke Kieboom, Kennisland discussed how we can make knowledge useful to support people’s innovative practices? In practice she designs new research methodologies and learning infrastructures with/for citizens, professionals and policy makers in the fields of education & well-being.  

Whats Goin On? - The Netherlands and Social Labs

The tendencies in Societal changes effects the citizents of Holland, as the government Is focusing on decentralization and establishing a new participatory society. All this has an effect as we change from a Well-fare to a DIY-fare society, which tries to develop and imply new methods of meeting and greeting the real needs of the citizents by participatory design approaches. In this regard, working in “social labs” – integrating and facilitating both official as well as NGO / non-formal need has proven to be of great value, Marlieke and Chris pointed.

The real task is having big ambitions, but reaching them by patiently taking one step at the time. Joining hands, that isJ
Social Labs prove to use new interacting methods, using Design Thinking and participatory design. As such Social Labs, can be:
From closed expert based ideamakers to open multidisciplinary teams that collaborate on the issues and experiments together. Social Labs are thereby:

Social Labs are about People working together, relying on senses, feelings, actions and creates a different frame for understanding the real needs, not singularily based upon numbers.

Action Oriented:

The social Labs often creates direct, action-based interactions.


From the offices to the real worldJ


From welldefined focused group-teams to open for everyone.


From high Cost Consultants to collaborative, knowing, caring and enthused local citizents.

How do I get along with a Social Lab?

Marlieke Kieboom & Chris Sigaloff, Kennisland, set up this list:

Challenge the System and Society, by asking questions.
Frame the good Question
Set up A Multidisciplinary Team
Find a suitable location
Set up Dynamic Moments.

Who said Design Thinking is no good for Social Innovation?
Great presentation, and very inspiring eperiences and talks. Thanks to Marlieke Kieboom & Chris Sigaloff, from Kennisland! Visit: https://www.kl.nl/en/

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